The Sound of Music

Holden loves music. He loves to sing and dance and the two are almost always inseparable for him. His body just moves with the beat. We have these great videos of him crazy dancing from when he was just 1 1/2 years old here and here.

I am finding it really beautiful and fascinating how he hears and processes sound. He was an early talker but didn’t developed language like neurotypical children. Speaking of which, I really have to say that I like the newish term nuerodiverse when talking about kids on the spectrum. It’s accepting.

Anyway, Holden is a phonetic listener. He picks out sounds, not necessarily words, and memorizes them. So when he was learning to speak, he would jabber the sounds he heard, many of which weren’t words, and thought he was communicating. I’m not sure why I’m saying this in past-tense, because he still does this.

I wish I spoke his language better. But I don’t, so we’re teaching him ours. And he’s a quick learner and using a lot more words.

The best example of this is when we’re all singing in the car together. We’re a happy quartet – I pick out the melody, Wes the harmony, Fitz is our audience and throws in a few squeals. But Holden sings the instruments. Mostly percussion. But he likes the piano lines too.

You can hear that he mixes in words with the percussion whenever he feels like it – they’re just another sound.

Here he is with “Viva La Vida” which he calls the “pilla pilla” song – because that’s the sound it makes to him. In fact he has names (sounds really) for all the songs we regularly listen to. It’s fascinating to hear the sound of music through his ears.

Wes is excited to have him start taking some kind of music lessons. He’s thinking drums 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Sound of Music

  1. That’s awesome Amber! If he plays the drums he and X can start a band together. X on keys, Holden on drums we’ll just have to get Fitz and Fred to do vocals and base and we’ll be made:) Those dancing videos made me laugh, sooo cute! Nice of Wes to laugh at him as he biffs it on the floor. Typical dad!

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