Yeah I Know He’s Loud Stop Staring at My Kid

I think every parent has times when their kid is throwing a fit and everybody is staring. Right? I mean, I hope I’m not the only one. The thing is, it happens all the time with Holden. But usually we’re around family or friends and they’re decent about it.

This weekend I took Holds to get a hair cut at Cookie Cutters. I wanted his hair to be super cute for his first big day at school. Holden HATES getting his hair cut. HATES. Hates having his hair touched and can’t abide the sound of clippers.

Holden Getting a Hair Cut
Holden Getting a Hair Cut

So I thought long and hard about how to get him through this. I showed him this cute video on their website of a girl and boy getting their haircut.  Then I told him at Cookie Cutters he can sit in a special car and get his hair cut. And at the end he gets a sucker if he’s a good boy. It didn’t take long – 20 seconds later he was rearing to go.

The thing is, he actually did VERY well through the haircut. But then they brought out the shears and the sound just killed him. So he started screaming and she stopped (half his head has a decent trim ’round the ears and half doesn’t). Then I told him it was over and we could go home and he completely lost it. He started screaming and dropped to the floor. I had not idea what was wrong with him. And EVERYBODY STARED. Like rude staring. Like they couldn’t believe a kid could scream that high or act that badly. Like they were so glad that wasn’t their kid. Like they thought I was just a horrible mother. It was awful.

I tried to talk him through it but he wouldn’t calm down and I ended up grabbing him and running out the door (yes I paid). It was awful. Turns out he didn’t understand that you don’t get to sit in those fun cars just to watch TV after your hair cut. You have to leave right after. And I didn’t get to that part in the explanation.

It was super sad. He cried for a sucker the whole way home and I just felt defeated.

More than anything, what this teaches me is not to stare or judge. Everyone is such a perfect parent when it’s not their kid. They have all the answers. But really you have no idea what someone is going through or how they should parent their kid. I’m (slowly) becoming a less judgmental and patient person. I think.


2 thoughts on “Yeah I Know He’s Loud Stop Staring at My Kid

  1. I’m sorry you had such a tough experience. You would think people at a kids hair cutting salon would be kid-tolerant.
    As a single person I try to be patient with kids. I am sure I am not entirely successful but I do try. I just think when it is my turn I hope people are nice to me!

  2. Amber, I’m so sorry. At a children’s hair cutting place, too. Shame on those parents. I know I used to be really judgmental about kids acting up in public before I had kids. Now I just look at people with sympathy (or try to HELP, imagine that) because even though my kid might be behaving at that moment, I’ve definitely had my humiliating moments.

    For a few months, every time we walked into Target, it was like a trigger for Norah to start throwing a tantrum about something, anything: she wanted to ride in the cart, she wanted a treat, she wanted to go home, etc. It was unbelievable. And people looked at me the same way, like “Get a handle on your kid, lady.” It feels so good….

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