All About Fitz

I’ve been told to write more about Oliver Fitzgerald. I do write about Holds a lot more, but I mostly use this blog to sort out thoughts and feelings about what we’re learning about him. That said, I love both my boys a ridiculous amount and I’m always happy to brag about either of them. So here’s what’s going on with Fitz:

Fitz is adorable. He’s the easiest, happiest, most adorable baby that has ever existed.

He has big beautiful eyes that he uses to flirt with everyone: men, women, children – he can win over everyone.

He army crawls (still) all over the house but insists on taking the road less traveled. He likes going under the table, between the chairs, through all tight spaces and then gets mad when he can’t fit 🙂

Other facts: He got 8 teeth by the time he was 5 months. He MUST be cramming his face with food in order to be happy at mealtimes. He squawks really loudly when he wants attention. He smiles all the time and loves to laugh with his brother. He sleeps 12 hours and takes two 2-hour naps.

I told you he was good. 🙂


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