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Tea Time The Way We Rock It


We’ve gotten into a really good groove lately…with work, with the kids, with life. I feel like we’ve figured out a schedule that works for everybody. I actually can’t believe it because we have a lot going on. What with Wes running his company and working non-stop, and me trying to work two full-time jobs into a part time schedule so I can be home with the kids as much as possible, moving in with my parents while we build our house, juggling multiple therapists for the kids….finding balance seemed too much to hope for.

But it’s amazing, right now I feel like I can breathe. Not that I’d want to take a super deep breath in this dirty-Utah-inversion-that-is-January, but really, it’s been surprisingly good. Part of what makes it all work is that I leave work (whether I’m at the office or at home) and celebrate Tea Time every day with my boys.

Tea Time has a long history, but the way we do it is a little different. Instead of Earl Grey and scones, we have juice from my juicer. We have fallen into a nice rhythm: every day Fitz and I pick Holds up from school at 3:30. They come home and color while I cut up and juice all the produce and then we sit down for an almost-grown up tea time of juice and cookies (or scones, or chocolate croissants). My boys are only 2 and 5 but they can hold their own with a nice glass of superfood juice and I’ve been surprised at how much they love it.

Our tea time has had a pleasant and calming effect on all of us. Rather than be in a rush to figure out dinner, or finally get to the housework, or turn right to the TV, we all take a little break and talk to each other about our day. We pour an honorary glass for daddy and he drinks it when he comes home.

One of the benefits of our tea time – besides the obvious nutritional benefit of juice and the thrill of eating a cookie without guilt – is that my boys aren’t starving and grumpy around 5 like they used to be. Instead of cooking while they’re crazed from low blood sugar, I don’t have to cook until Wes comes home at night. We eat late (6:30), then read to the boys and they go to bed.

This is apparently the schedule French children have. I read this fabulous book on what and how the French feed their children. They have very rigid eating patterns and don’t let their kids snack, so that when they do eat they are hungry…with the exception of le gouter which is their little carby, chocolatey afternoon snack (i.e. tea time).

Have you ever done Afternoon Tea? Or Le Gouter with your family? What is your food schedule?


5 thoughts on “Tea Time The Way We Rock It

  1. This is a great alternative to traditional afternoon tea. Taking a break has so many benefits and making juice a treat is definitely a good idea!

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