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What’s So Great About The Tracy Anderson Method


My sister got me hooked onto the Tracy Anderson about a month ago. She’d been  a believer for years, but I always scoffed the Tracey-Anderson-don’t-use-more-than-3-pound-weight-idea. Why? Because she looks skinny. Image    I didn’t want to just look skinny. I wanted to have awesome definition like Jillian Michaels.


But no matter what I tried, and I tried a lot (P90X, a personal trainer, online fitness workouts, etc.) I never actually ended up looking tone or defined. My arms got stronger, but they also just got bigger. I never got that awesome cut look that you see on fitness gals. I could do pull-ups and push-ups but I still had marshmallow arms.

So I decided to give Tracy Anderson a try. I ordered her Mat Workout and Dance Cardio and worked out using it pretty exclusively for the last month. Here’s what I found.

  1. She’s going after a VERY specific body type. If you want to look like this pic below, don’t do her workouts, because you won’t. She’s not interested in a definedImage six pack or muscly legs, or really super cut arms. Her method targets exactly what she says it will, though, which is why I love it – she knows what she wants and her method delivers that.
  2. Her Method makes your body smaller, not just stronger. I couldn’t believe it, but just within a month I have noticed that my arms are getting smaller, as are my legs. That’s NEVER happened to me. I just get bulkier. But the Tracy Anderson Method is an anti-bulking method. It creates the long, lean thin look like Gyneth Paltrow, or like ballet dancers or Tracy Anderson herself. In fact in one of her videos she talks about how she gained a bunch of weight when she first moved to New York and she tried different workouts but they just made her look stocky. So she developed this method to get these long, lean, skinnier results. This is due to the fact that Tracy’s workouts target your ancilliary muscles and pull the skin tighter to your bones. She only lets you lift 3 pounds, which people boo hoo her for (I used to as well), but I would like to challenge ANY GIRL to do her arm workouts with more than 3 pounds. I am convinced it can’t be done. You wouldn’t think holding your arms out without weights could be challenging, but it sure is.
  3. Her workouts are actually pretty fun I look forward to doing her Dance Cardio – sometimes I listen to my own music and it’s a downright dance party! Or I do her treadmill workout at the gym and look like a total idiot. But seriously, I have never done a more high-intensity cardio workout and had more fun. You feel so amazing afterwards that it becomes addicting. And I love her warm-ups and cool-downs too. They really stretch out my body.
  4. She’ll burn your saddle bags right up. Tracy is known for doing great things for women’s butts. She targets the bottom better than any workout I’ve ever done.
  5. It’s not a one size fits all program (anymore). Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis is a new program that I just ordered (so excited!) that focuses on the areas your body needs most. You take a little quiz about your body type and then she’ll tell you which program is right for you (omnicentric, hipcentric, abcentric, glutcentric). The other thing that is great is that instead of buying just one DVD and plateauing after a while, the new Metamorphosis comes with 9 DVDs that last you 3 months. You do one DVD every day (well 6 days a week) for 10 days and then switch to the next one. I think that will be good for me because I get bored easily and my body wants a new challenge. I’m really excited for my omnicentric to come in the mail. I sound like a total groupie don’t I? I sound like someone paid me to write this, but they didn’t. I am just a believer.

What workouts do you love?


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