About Alice’s World

This is a blog about advertising, running a business, working from home, raising a toddler, and having a life. And it’s called Alice’s world because I love Lewis Carroll characters. The company I just started, after losing my job doing marketing for a group of car dealerships, is called White Rabbit Advertising,  LLC. I’m considering naming my to-be second born Dinah. Or Red Queen. I don’t think my husband is entirely on board.

White Rabbit Advertising provides media buying, copy writing, creative, production design, marketing consulting and public relations. I have a few clients right now and I  juggle working out of my home and raising a teething toddler. Working from home is insane. And I absolutely love it.

Back to Alice’s World – this blog will be about the things in my world:  work, childrearing, advertising, cooking, the economy, the auto industry, traveling, creativity, sales reps, car guys, family and literature.


5 thoughts on “About Alice’s World

  1. Hi, Amber! Good for you to start your own business and a new blog. I’ve enjoyed reading. Good luck with it all! ~Lynsie

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  3. Amber,
    I love reading your posts/essays/thoughts/?.
    Love it. I find them intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking. Helps me feel like I’m still using the part of my brain that sometimes gets quashed by the mundane.

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